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SMC Industries' High Temperature Molded
Perlite Fitting Covers

  • have NO glue joints (which are prone to opening)
    so you have NO heat loss 

  • butt up to form perfect 90 degree joints

SMC Fitting Covers : 


  • ARE NON WICKING – Will not absorb water at temperatures under 650°F.
    Most insulation systems fail at the fittings. SMC uses water resistant insulation at these trouble spots to prevent water intrusion.

  • ARE Best choice with Calcium Silicate 
    Abuse resistance of calcium silicate without the water absorption problems that can lead to CUI and loss of thermal performance. 

  • Save time and fabrication costs
    Up to 65% savings off the cost of mitered fitting covers with a better fit of pressed aluminum jackets that creates an overlap at seam points to keep water out. 

  • HAVE AN Asbestos free identity system
    Colored gold throughout and non-toxic

  • ARE Accepted by general union policies 

  • HAVE THE Largest selection available in stock

    • Long / Short Radius Butt Weld - both 90's and 45's

    • Socket Weld / Screwed - both 90's and 45's

    • Butt Weld and Socket Weld Tees

    • Now Over 1700 Sizes Available!

  • OFFER THESE Molded Fitting Types

    • LR 90 Butt Weld

    • LR 45 Butt Weld

    • SWD 90

    • SWD 45

    • BW Tee 

    • SWD Tee

    • SR 90 Butt Weld

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