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Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Facilities Trust SMC Industries

SMC Industries supplies end users, engineering firms, contractors, and distributors with quality products, support, and expertise for projects in petrochemical facilities and oil refineries around the world.

Select Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Examples

SMC Industries produces custom fabricated and molded thermal insulation pipe and fitting covers that have been successfully implemented across most major industries. Find your industry below to see how we can benefit you and your facility.

Process Vessels

Oil refineries and petrochemical processing plants trust SMC for their piping and fitting covers that reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation while maximizing energy efficiency.



LNG plants are commonly found in high-moisture geographic locations conducive to corrosion. Our hydrophobic insulation materials serve as a long-term solution within these facilities. 


Process Piping

With a limited footprint, offshore platforms contain a large number of pipe fittings. Also located in harsh environments, this industry requires moisture-resistant, custom-fit thermal insulation.

Power Plant

Heat Exchangers

Power generation facilities serve as a vital part of an infrastructure. Implementing SMC's patented fitting and piping covers can prevent future unit outages due to hidden maintenance and reliability issues.


Storage Tanks

Pulp and paper mills can be found in regions with high humidity and operate at process temperatures susceptible to corrosion under insulation (CUI). SMC's perlite and hydrophobic blankets come with a fast ROI. 

Our Products Lines

SMC Industries’ products have been successfully implemented across most major industries. Find your industry below to see how we can benefit you and your facility.


Molded Perlite Fitting Covers

SMC perlite fitting covers are hydrophobic and easy to install compared to field-fabricated fitting covers with glue joints. Our molded solutions increase the ease of installation and reduced the risk of corrosion under insulation. 


Reinforced Perlite Pipe Covering

SMC AU-1200 is our patented, reinforced perlite pipe covering. Designed to be stronger than regular perlite pipe covering, our enhanced flexural strength results in less product waste during transport and installation.


Precision-Cut Hydrophobic Blankets

SMC Industries produces customized hydrophobic blanket insulation materials for projects ranging from -200 to 648°C.  By cutting the pieces to fit piping and fitting to ASTM standards, application time and waste are reduced. 


PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing Systems

SMC Industries' Dura-Jac SX product lines are made exclusively using Proto Corporation's PVC materials.

Proto Corporation manufactures the most extensive variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems. 

Education and Project Support

SMC Industries can provide product support and educational content based on our extensive experience in the mechanical insulation industry. Choose one of the below options to learn more.

Request a Quote for Material

Contact us today to request a quote for your next mechanical insulation project.

Audience Clapping

Onsite Presentation or Lunch & Learn

We are happy to visit your office or facility to present you the latest information on SMC.

Online Workshop

Attend our Live or On-Demand Webinar

Jump in or schedule to attend our online webinar covering industrial insulation.

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