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SMC Industries PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing  

SMC Industries' Dura-Jac SX product lines are made exclusively using Proto Corporation's PVC materials. Proto Corporation manufactures the most extensive variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems.


Dura-Jac SX is 

  • a high-impact insulation covering material manufactured from smooth glossy, plasticized PVC sheet

  • ultraviolet stabilized

  • corrosion-resistant

  • self-extinguishing - meets 25/50
    flame-spread rating

Available Forms 

  • Rolls - Pre-Curled or Reversed-Curled (for flatness)

  • Pre-Curled Jacketing with or without
    self-sealing tape


Standard Thicknesses

  • .020"

  • .030"



  • Standard White

Material Types 

  • 25/50 Rated


Dura-Jac SX may be applied to most insulated surfaces. It is primarily used on piping systems and duct work. When Dura-Jac SX is solvent welded, it seals out water intrusion during wash downs; thus the product is particularly suited for food, beverage, and chemical processing environments. Refineries, distilleries, meat processing plants and facilities with similar requirements have found Dura-Jac SX an economical weather barrier for insulation.

Dura-Jac SX should not be used if the design surface temperature of the insulation system exceed 150° F. Dura-Jac SX is attacked by some organic solvents. Resistance chart is available upon request.

Dura-Jac SX meets or exceeds Federal Specification LP-1035 & LP-5350 Composition A Type I to IV. Dura-Jac SX is made with a USDA approved formulation and can be used in USDA inspected facilities where incidental product contact can occur. Dura-Jac SX also meets ASTM D-1784. 

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