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Frequently Asked Questions






What does SMC sell?

SMC sells the leading industrial insulation systems for CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) prevention.  Our product lines include Precision Cut Aerogel Blanket, Reinforced Perlite Pipe Covering, Molded Perlite Fitting Covers, and PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing.


Where can I buy SMC product? 

Please contact us at to determine the best way to purchase. 


How do I submit an order?

Please contact us at (this is the best and recommended method) or via phone at 281.860.9950.  We will send you a quotation for your approval and will then request your Purchase Order. 


What do I need to know about placing an order?

  • Please contact our Customer Service Team for your project pricing and availability at

  • If you need a custom or out-of-stock product, please contact our Customer Service Team at

  • Reinforced Perlite Pipe Covering and PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing must be ordered in full box quantities (see below).

  • Aerogel Cut-to-Length or V-Groove products must be ordered in 5’ increments for XTE, XTF, and HPS materials and 4.75’ increments for Cryogel-Z.

  • SMC will send a detailed confirmation that your order was processed including a ship date.  Please review this for accuracy including delivery instructions.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Project pricing is available. Please contact our Customer Service Team at for details.


What are your payment terms?

0.5%/10 Net 30


Do you sell internationally?

Yes, please contact our Customer Service Team at for details.



How do you calculate shipping? 

SMC will provide quoted prices from several preferred carriers using estimated dimensions and weights. If you prefer to use your own account, SMC can provide you with the best estimated dimensions and weights.


How do I calculate an order to fill a floor-loaded truck?

Our Customer Service Team will assist with this calculation using our shipping calculator.  All Perlite Pipe & Fitting Covering truckloads are calculated in cubic footage. A full 53-foot trailer holds 3,600 cubic feet.  The volume of all boxes should be as close to 3,600 cubic feet as possible.


Can I pick up my order?

Yes, customers are able to pick up as needed.  If you’d like to pick up your order, please indicate when placing your order and contact our Customer Service Team at to arrange




How can I learn more about SMC products?

  • Browse our website.

  • Contact us today to ask specific questions regarding our product lines and experience in the industry.


I need a custom-specified product.  Can you help me? 
Yes, we are an industry leader in custom products. We are ready to work with your engineering team to design and customize a solution to fit your needs.

Do your products contain asbestos?

No. We also intentionally tint our perlite products gold to differentiate.

Does SMC host plant tours?
Yes. We provide our partners, end users, and other customers and stakeholders guided tours detailing our product lines and processes.

Do you provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

SDS sheets are available on our website under each product line.  Additionally, SDS sheets are attached to the box for each Precision Cut Aerogel Blanket order.

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