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Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to change without prior notice

All prices F.O.B. Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355 or Houston, Texas 77015

Standard Payment Terms: ½% Ten Days/Net 30 Days from date of invoice, add 2% per month after 30 days

Warranty & Disclaimer

The information herein is accurate and reliable to the best of SMC Industries, Inc.’s knowledge. But, because SMC Industries, Inc. has no control over our products once they leave our plant, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, either as to Merchantability or Fitness for a particular purpose is made as to the performance or results of an installation containing our product which extend the description on the face hereof. If the products otherwise fail to conform to the representations made herein, through no fault of the purchaser, purchaser’s exclusive remedy and SMC Industries, Inc.’s sole liability, shall at SMC Industries, Inc.’s options, be the repair or replacement of the nonconforming products or parts thereof, F.O.B. our nearest shipping point. The warranty expires one year from date of purchase. In no event shall SMC Industries, Inc. be responsible or liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, which might result from product failure.


Returns & Allowances

SMC Industries, Inc. considers most material to be specialty items, therefore returns will not be accepted. However, SMC Industries, Inc. will examine each return request on a case by case basis and may allow some material to be returned. No returns of products will be accepted without prior written approval. Where returns are authorized due to causes for which SMC Industries, Inc. is responsible, SMC Industries, Inc. will assume all charges and the full purchase price will be credited. When returns are made for convenience of the purchaser at his/her request and these are approved in advance, in writing, by SMC Industries, Inc., such products returned to the shipping points will be credited at the purchase price less all freight charges, including stopover charges absorbed by SMC Industries, Inc. on the original shipment to the purchaser and full freight charges on the return. SMC Industries, Inc. will also charge for handling and reconditioning. Credit will be based upon the quantity received at SMC Industries, Inc. shipping point in resale condition, as determined by SMC Industries, Inc., plus a 20% restocking charge.


Delayed/Cancelled/Modified Purchase Orders

Due to our limited shipping and staging areas in both our Malvern, PA and Houston, TX facilities, the following terms and conditions will pertain all orders valued at $2,500 USD or greater. If an order is reduced or cancelled in full, a 20% restocking charge will be applied to all material which was produced specifically for the cancelled/reduced order. Any material which is deemed ‘non-stock’ will be charged a 100% restocking fee. No restocking fee will be charged for material which was pulled from inventory, or had yet to be pulled. Orders which are delayed more than 10 business days, at the customers request, will be subject to the following detention fee schedule.


Delay Date Weekly Detention Fee

Within 1 week of ship date: 1.25%/week of value of material currently ready to ship (detention fee valuation)

Within 2 weeks of ship date:  0.625%/week of value of material currently ready to ship (detention fee valuation)

Prior to 2 weeks of ship date: No detention charges will be incurred

Charges will be incurred starting the day of original ship date. Weekly charges will be incurred at the end of the business day, on the Friday of each week. SMC Industries, Inc., reserves the right to steal material from a delayed order, when and if possible, to fill other open orders. Stealing will allow SMC Industries, Inc. to minimize the floor space of a delayed order. In return, the value of any material stolen will be reduced from value of the delayed order, thus reducing the weekly detention fee incurred. Detention fees will continue to be incurred until the value of material ready to ship falls below $2,500 USD. All production on the delayed orders will be halted until a new ship date is determined. Only after a release date is determined will any sizes, which require production, be rescheduled. SMC Industries, Inc. will make every attempt to meet this new ship date, but material which requires production will be scheduled as if the purchase order had just been received.


Replacement Materials

SMC Industries, Inc. will replace, at no charge to the customer, any and all incorrect or damaged material deemed to be the fault of SMC Industries, Inc. SMC Industries, Inc. will ship such material by the same or equal freight method as the original shipment. SMC Industries, Inc. will not be responsible for any expedited freight expenses.

Blanket Materials

SMC Industries, Inc. represents that the material contained herein corresponds with the manufacturer’s nominal thickness. This representation is made in good faith and is based on the information provided to SMC Industries by the manufacturer of the product. SMC Industries acknowledges that there are some variations in the thickness of the material, which are the responsibility of the manufacturer, and SMC Industries does not guarantee that the actual thickness of this material upon receipt by the end user will measure the precise nominal thickness as listed by the manufacturer. Variations in thickness may render field modification necessary in order to complete installation. SMC Industries does not modify or alter the material’s thickness in the process of fabrication. Acceptance and use of the material is strictly at your own risk and SMC Industries will not be liable for any losses and/or damages incurred in connection with the use of this material.



Title to the products shall remain SMC Industries, Inc.’s until paid in full by the purchaser. However, risk of loss shall vest in the purchaser at the time of delivery of the products to the carrier.

The "SMC" logo, Reversed Standard patterns, Reversed Gores patterns, Reversed Curved patterns, and T patterns are trademarks of SMC Industries, Inc. Logos and patterns cannot be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of SMC Industries, Inc.

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