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Products designed with your project in mind.


Founded in 1979, SMC Industries, Inc. (formerly Sproule Manufacturing Company, Inc.) is a leading and innovative manufacturer of industrial insulation systems.  For over 40 years, SMC has been guided by the principle of applying innovation to achieve the highest quality product for the lowest cost. 

We, at SMC, pride ourselves on being an industry leader, answering the market’s arising needs by leveraging our intimate knowledge of industrial insulation and adopting emerging technologies.  We design our product not only for premium performance, but for easy and effective installation. 


Our cutting-edge designs and manufacturing processes are complimented by an old-school philosophy of service excellence.  At both our Malvern, PA and Houston, TX divisions, our Customer Service Team is proud to offer genuine service that shares our clients’ goal of project success. 

Our Products Lines

Our expanded perlite fitting covers, reinforced perlite pipe covering, and precision-cut blankets are hydrophobic and help reduce the risk of CUI (corrosion under insulation) while maintaining excellent thermal performance. Learn more about our products below.


SMC perlite fitting covers are hydrophobic and easy to install compared to field-fabricated fitting covers with glue joints. Our molded solutions increase the ease of installation and reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation. 


SMC AU-1200 is our patented, reinforced perlite pipe covering. Designed to be stronger than regular perlite pipe covering, our enhanced flexural strength results in less product waste during transport and installation.


SMC Industries produces customized hydrophobic blanket insulation materials for projects ranging from -200 to 648°C.  By cutting the pieces to fit piping and fittings to ASTM standards, installation time and waste are reduced. 


SMC Industries' Dura-Jac SX product lines are made exclusively using Proto Corporation's PVC materials.

Proto Corporation manufactures the most extensive variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems. 

A leading innovator in mechanical insulation for over 40 years.


SMC manufactures Perlite Silicate Pipe & Block Insulations for a Wilmington, Delaware firm with manufacturing rights to a patent held by E.I. DuPont Co.  This product is a replacement for asbestos-based insulation which has been discovered to cause health problems. 


SMC sells our WR-1200 formula for perlite pipe covering and block, retaining the rights to WR-1200 for the manufacture of fitting covers and accessories.


Construction begins on our new, state-of-the-art Molded Perlite Fitting Cover manufacturing plant in Houston, TX.

This plant is highly automated and computerized, allowing us to offer our customers quick turn around on a wide range of product sizes.


SMC’s AU-1200 Reinforced Perlite Pipe Covering hits the market, continuing SMC’s role as a leader of innovation in industrial insulation. 


SMC requests and is granted a license to manufacture this product ourselves, with the goal of drastically improving quality. 

At our Malvern, PA facility, we test over 100 formulations to develop one with far superior handling, thermal performance, hydrophobicity, and protection against CUI. 


SMC opens our Houston, TX warehouse to stock over 1,000 Molded Perlite Fitting Covers in the Gulf Coast market.


With Aerogel blanket insulation now on the scene, SMC innovates a cutting-edge technology that allows this high-performing material to be fabricated for out-of-the-box installation for all parts of industrial insulation systems. 


Our custom aerogel insulation is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy of fit with fast and easy installation. 


SMC develops our WR-1200 formula—the thermal insulation industry’s first ever water-repellent Perlite Silicate Insulation.


Construction begins on a new expanded production facility in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

This 25,000 sq ft building allows us to consolidate all product lines under one roof.


After meeting a high demand for WeatherJacs® for a decade, SMC sells its metal products division to Ideal Products of Canada Ltd. 

For more information on WeatherJacs® and Ideal Products visit


To meet customer needs, SMC introduces an expanded line of incremental sizes of PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing.


SMC invents WeatherJacs®, the first and only mold-produced large-bore metal elbows that, along with Gary Sproule’s patented weather seam, are far better designed to protect against CUI than the industry’s current gored elbows.


Always seeking ways to improve industrial insulation, SMC revisits the formula for perlite silicate, which has gone unchanged since we sold our original formula 27 years prior. 

SMC invents AU-1200, an improved formula with a patented reinforcement system for unprecedented durability. 


SMC begins the expansion for the manufacture of AU-1200, including a 60,000 sq ft at our Houston site.

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