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SMC Industries' Precision-Cut Hydrophobic Blankets 

SMC Industries' hydrophobic blanket materials are specifically fabricated to fit your pipes, fittings, and vessel dimensions and thickness requirements. Our expertise helps us generate patterns that can speed up installation, reduce the risk of moisture intrusion, and maximize thermal efficiency. Contact us below for any questions you may have. 

Features and Benefits of SMC's Precision-Cut Hydrophobic Blankets

SMC Industries produces custom-cut and fabricated thermal insulation pipe and fitting covers that are comprised of the most modern insulation materials available. See below why our long-standing customers trust SMC's line of thermal insulation products.


Resistant to Moisture

Modern hydrophobic blankets are resistant to moisture which allows them to maintain a high thermal efficiency value. This leads to consistent energy retention in processes and personnel protection.


Ease of Installation

Our patterns are designed to be easily installed to piping and fittings of different dimensions. Staggered seams butting up to one another reduce pathways for moisture intrusion and heat loss.


Proven Defense Against CUI

Moisture resistance, combined with our custom patterns that ensure a secure fit, result in and energy efficient system that minimizes the risk of corrosion under insulation.


Custom Labeling System

Our easy-to-read color coding system is found on all pieces denoting pipe size, layer number, and any special fitting type or pattern variation. This leads to faster staging and installation.

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Reduced Waste Factor

With our vast experience designing cuts for pipe, fittings, and vessels, our patterns are designed to minimize the waste that occurs during field fabrication and cutting by hand.

Markets and Applications

SMC Industries has worked in a multitude of sectors specifying and supporting projects using our precision-cut hydrophobic blanket insulation. Find your industry below to see how we can benefit you and your facility.

Oil & Gas and Petrochemical

Oil refineries and petrochemical processing plants trust SMC for their piping and fitting covers that reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation while maximizing energy efficiency.


LNG Processing and Production

LNG plants are commonly found in high-moisture geographic locations conducive to corrosion. Our hydrophobic insulation materials serve as a long-term solution within these facilities. 


Offshore Production

With a limited footprint, offshore platforms contain a large number of pipe fittings. Also located in harsh environments, this industry requires moisture-resistant, custom-fit thermal insulation.

Power Plant

Power Generation

Power generation facilities serve as a vital part of an infrastructure. Implementing SMC's patented fitting and piping covers can prevent future unit outages due to hidden maintenance and reliability issues.


Pulp and Paper Mills

Pulp and paper mills can be found in regions with high humidity and operate at process temperatures susceptible to corrosion under insulation (CUI). SMC's perlite and hydrophobic blankets come with a fast ROI. 

Education and Project Support

SMC Industries can provide product support and educational content based on our extensive experience in the mechanical insulation industry. Choose one of the below options to learn more.

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