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Molded Perlite Fitting Covers

SMC Industries, Inc's High Temperature Molded Perlite Fitting Covers offer no glue joints so they will not open up. Our fitting covers butt up to form perfect 90 degree joints and are not dusty or powdery. Other advantages include:

Non Wicking – Will not absorb water

Most insulation systems fail at the fittings. SMC uses water resistant insulation at these trouble spots.

Best choice with Calcium Silicate

Abuse resistance of calcium silicate without the absorption problems.

Saves time and fabrication costs

Up to 65% savings off the cost of mitered fitting covers.

Asbestos free identity system

Colored gold through out and non-toxic

Accepted by general union policies

Largest selection available in stock
  • Long / Short Radius
  • Socket Weld / Screwed (3000# & 6000#)
  • Butt Weld Tees
  • Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Now Over 1700 Sizes Available!
Molded Fitting Types
  • LR 90
  • LR 45
  • SWD 90
  • SWD 45
  • BW Tee
  • SWD Tee
  • SR 90


> 2016 List Pricing
> Perlite Net Pricing Matrix - 2016 v1.0

> ID-OD Chart - with ASTM Instructions
> SDS Sheet


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