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About Us

SMC Industries, Inc. (formerly Sproule Manufacturing Company, Inc.) started manufacturing Perlite Silicate Pipe & Block Insulations in 1977 as a subcontractor to a Wilmington, Delaware firm with manufacturing rights to a Patent held by E.I. DuPont Co. The quality control of these products was so poor that breakage in shipments and handling limited its acceptance. In 1979 We requested, and were granted, a license to manufacture Perlite Silicate Pipe & Block Insulations by the DuPont Company. Our first order of business was to improve and upgrade the quality of the existing product. Over 100 formulations were tested until we finally hit on one that gave our products much improved better physical and thermal properties between 1979 and 1980.

In the years following, we developed the first water repellent Perlite Silicate Insulation in the thermal insulation industry. We named this our WR-1200 formula. Using this new formula we produced perlite pipe covering, block, and specialty items such as 90º & 45º elbows, T's, flange covers, and valve covers.

In 1995 we opened our Houston, Texas warehouse. We rented space to stock over 1,000 Molded Perlite Fitting Covers in the Gulf Coast market.

1997 began with the construction of our new production facility in Malvern, Pennsylvania. This 25,000 sqft building allowed us to consolidate all product lines under one roof. Construction was completed in December of 1997 and all product lines were moved by the end of January 1998.

The new millennium brought a new product line for SMC Industries, Inc; WeatherJacs
®. These large-bore metal elbows are designed to fill the void where the current metal manufacturers leave off. We used our expertise in presses, molds, and large pipe sizes to launch this exciting new product line. Gary Sproule's new patented 'Weather Seal' also added a new feature to revolutionize the metal elbow market. We are rapidly building new molds to handle the demand for our new WeatherJacs®.  In 2010, SMC Industries, Inc. sold it's metal products division to Ideal Products of Canada Ltd.  For more information on WeatherJacs® and Ideal Products please visit www.idealproducts.ca.

In 2002 we began construction on a new, state of the art High Temperature Molded Perlite Fitting Cover manufacturing plant in Houston, TX. This plant is highly automated and computerized, allowing us to give our customers a quick turn around on a wide range of fitting cover sizes.

SMC Industries, Inc. has always prided itself on it’s innovation and quality. In 2008 we started fabricating accessory items for the Aspen Aerogels products. We designed and built a custom v-groove saw to supply small bore v-groove pipe covering, which allows the stiff Aerogel material to be easily wrapped around small bore pipes. We also purchased an automated CNC machine that cuts Aerogel parts using our computer generated patterns. We currently make Aerogel parts for Long Radius, Short Radius, and Socket Weld 90’s and 45’s, Tees, Tank Heads, Valve Covers and Flanges.